Question by : Does true love exist in reality or is it just a matter of fantasy,imagination and chemical reactions etc?
I always wonder whether true love between opposite sexes exist in reality .If it exists then what is it.

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Answer by typical-girl
After experiencing it first hand i can confidently say it does exist. Although, “love” is not something that can be described, or there is no right or wrong way to look at it. Every couple, every person every single part of “love” or “being in love” is different. They have their own ways of seeing it, of making it spark, of feeling it. It is a beautiful thing, and i only wish one day you will find it. Love will bring a fantasy into your world. Good luck!

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4 Responses to “Does true love exist in reality or is it just a matter of fantasy,imagination and chemical reactions etc?”

  • drew:

    Yes true love does exist as far as chemical reactions of course, if emotions couldn’t be carried out by the brain we wouldn’t have feelings. I can say at this point in my life i am truly in love,it feels great.True love is the feeling that you would do anything for the other person’s well being. Most people would say “Taking a bullet” for that other person. Think of your bestfriend.. a girl that you can truly fall in love with might remind you a bit of that person you two like doing the same things together and eventually you get the feeling that you want to live with them. Those who say true love doesn’t exist were the unlucky people that could never find a guy-girl that they went perfectly with.

  • Jade Stone:

    A little bit of everything

  • fockingg jesscia:

    Yes, true love does exist, its the matter of finding the right person. When you fall in love with someone you’ll know and see that you love them. There all you can think about. When your with them your world lights up and you are happy and constantly smiling. But not only the happy moments if you really love someone you are there through thick and thin. Through deaths and sorrows. And no matter what struggles you face you never give up. Because you never give up on someone you love. And there’s no such thing as falling out of love because if you stop loving someone then you never truly loved them in the first place. You will know right away if your in love with someone. You pray for them more than you pray for yourself. That’s what true love is<3(:

    thank you baby jesus

    buhh byeee(:

  • Dylan Blank:

    The more you think about it the more it becomes non existent.

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