Question by : How can I use the law of attraction to attract love?
Or a specific person?

Thank you for helping! :)

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Answer by Jukebox Moon
What’s the law of attraction? Opposite attract? :S Sorry I’m answering a question with a question.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: How can I use the law of attraction to attract love?”

  • Fake Genius:

    invest love, then you will become prosperous in love.

    if you mean ‘love’ as sensual desire, I cannot suggest anything. But if you mean it as humanity, just invest your love and you’ll certainly have lots of humanity in your heart in a few years.

  • Ask and you Shall receive!:

    The law of attraction says that what you sow you will reap. So what you give out comes back to. This means if you “want” love you have to “give” love. Simple as that.

  • Naguru:

    On your part, you should only go on doing your duties and responsibilities without expecting any sort of result or benefit for your work. It is nature’s job to bestow luck on your good self, as and when that appropriate and auspicious time comes. Till then you have to exercise lot of tolerance. Wait with patience and hopes.

  • Arnold Layne:

    it’s not a law. It’s pseudo scientific rubbish to sell a bad idea. You can’t have anything you wat by thinking about having it. How bout you put on some make up?

  • Tacit Hue:

    Use a fifty dollar bill, stuck on your forehead, and somebody will be attracted enough to let you talk to them, or buy them a drink. It’s all together wrong headed to think that attraction is end game for love, love ain’t quantifiable. It’s been said that love is a form of temporary insanity cured by marrage. If you want love try being loveable. But if you want to have a relationship, with all the trimmings, leave a fifty on the pillow on your way out the door.

  • Kieth:

    You attract what you are. Be Love. Love is not a power to be manipulated so you have to trust it. If that specific person resonates it will happen. Do you want love or do you want what your ego tells you it wants? Be Love. Accept what Love brings. Be open to what gifts Love brings to you and you will learn that Love itself knows what is best for you and that Love has grander ideas about what you deserve than you do.

  • meat:

    You absolutely can use the LoA to attract love. You cannot, however, use it to attract a specific person.

    Think of all the traits you want in a person. That’s what you concentrate on. That’s what you ask for. That’s who you believe will show up. Those traits are going to be part of the person you meet. Make sure that you watch for opportunities to meet that person, and act on those opportunities.

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