Question by Nathan: Whats a great effective fast working love spell i could use to attract true love and affection?
hi i was wondering if there were any greatly effective fast working love spells anyone can send me for free, aso if possible i dont have any friends, and if anybody knows a good spell to use to attract great friendship and friends i’d also appreciate that, thank you very much to whoever helps me out and have a great day to you all……

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Answer by ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
My friend swears by Emily Post’s book of Etiquette.

But a magic spell? Sorry there isn’t such a thing.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Whats a great effective fast working love spell i could use to attract true love and affection?”

  • Shizzle:

    Well not sure for the love spells, I am kinda having the same problem. :P lol
    But for friendship, just put yourself out there, smile a lot and just talk to some people that look nice. Or if you are put in a group with people, start talking to them and they will realize you are nice (if you actually are) lol. Then it just goes naturally from there!

    Hope I helped! ;) )

  • techno-not:

    Looking for some sort of “magic potion” to making a relationship work “spells” DISASTER. There is no substitute for caring about the other person, and being a faithful friend.

    These qualities take a bit of time to develop, but are fast working, irresistable and have a long-lasting effect on people.

  • cookies!:


  • The best potion for love is a good healthy dose of self love. Learn to love yourself fully and radiate your love. The law of attraction guarantees if you use this potion you will have more admirers than you know what to do with.And I should know, I’m a shamanic wizard.(well that doesn’t make me an authority on anything but hey it sounds good)

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