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Question by : How can I use the law of attraction to attract love?
Or a specific person?

Thank you for helping! :)

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Answer by Jukebox Moon
What’s the law of attraction? Opposite attract? :S Sorry I’m answering a question with a question.

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Question by Question It All: Wiccans & Witches: Is it Ethical to Cast a Spell to Attract Love?
I am asking, because yesterday I was talking in depth with a neighbor who professes to be a “Green Witch” and feels that to cast a love spell falls within the bounds of good ethics.

I am a Christian man who is married and I find it to be unethical, not based on my faith alone but on the values I place on being a good neighbor. I would appreciate hearing how you feel on the ethics of casting a love spell.

Thanks in advance for your kind responses.

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Answer by The Reverend Soleil
Ethical, but pointless.

Magic is just pretend — even my six year old knows this.

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Hypnosis to attract and radiate love, with hypnotic Theta and Delta frequencies

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you will not notice me if I wear camo
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Love and…
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The Love Letter Handbook
A heartwarming story of love, inspiration & the lost art of love letter writing. Intertwined with wit, emotion and true tales of an illness that challenged love, the handbook offers to turn even the clumsiest of writers into an Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
The Love Letter Handbook

Tap Into Love
Tap Into Love shows you step by step a process that combines Eft and the Law of Attraction to help magnetize yourself and attract the love of your life.
Tap Into Love

Question by Nathan: Whats a great effective fast working love spell i could use to attract true love and affection?
hi i was wondering if there were any greatly effective fast working love spells anyone can send me for free, aso if possible i dont have any friends, and if anybody knows a good spell to use to attract great friendship and friends i’d also appreciate that, thank you very much to whoever helps me out and have a great day to you all……

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Answer by ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
My friend swears by Emily Post’s book of Etiquette.

But a magic spell? Sorry there isn’t such a thing.

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Question by Erum J: is it possible to attract love by law of attraction?
I am in love with someone who is beyond my reach because I never personally have known him.Do you think by truly believing that I can be with the person will I be with him?

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Answer by here
No. The desire for someone doesn’t guarantee that they’ll return the feeling. It could happen, but unless you get to know each other and he doesn’t feel the same way then how could it. There are plenty of men in the world, so don’t feel bad.

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Question by Angelia: How do I attract love into my life?
I have never experienced true love. Men come and go, but no one has left a lasting imprint on my heart. I have been married and divorced, but I look back on my relationship with my ex and realized that I was never in love with him.

The concept of love has always fascinated me, but I’ve never had the pleasure of this wonderful experience.

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Answer by WORD UP G
when u give up searching that’s when you will find your answer!

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Question by Alice: How do I decorate my bedroom according to feng shui to attract love?
I’ve been single for a long time and have recently been reading about feng shui. It’s kind of confusing, since I live in a small, one room space, but I wanted to try using it for love purposes. I want a serious relationship.
Bahahahahahahaha! I know! It is a complete scam! haha! :)

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Answer by Javelin
Draw a giant rooster on the wall, strutting in full splendor down to your bed.

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Much more than just positive thinking, this powerful tool is a combination of positive affirmations, hypnosis, positive music and positive pictures to help you use the power of your subconscious mind to attract and manifest what you want. For best results, watch at least once a day.
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This is a video that I’ve made. Hopefully, it would help in attracting love into your life. Images are obtained from Google and the song is Britney Spears’ “And Then We Kiss”. Enjoy!
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Can peace attract love ?
Image by World March Base Teams via Flickr

Some women seem to have an endless supply of gorgeous prospects, while others think that, if they were a flower, no bee would visit. How To Attract True Love is often thought a mysterious gift that some have and others lack. In truth, it is a power which resides in each one of us. Here are some thoughts on how to release it.


How Do You Attract True Love to You? What’s Involved With Attraction?

By Lauren McEachran

Are you looking for your true love? Does true love exist? Is there another person out there that will make us feel complete? Well, it all starts with whether you believe that you can attract true love in the first place. No matter what happens during the process of finding it, you must believe.

Think of the ideal relationship you want to have that will let you know that it’s true love? How will you be talking and acting? How will they be talking and acting? We don’t picture our true love as being someone who is depressed, angry, needy, etc. So make sure that you are acting, talking and visualizing the ways you would want your true love to act and talk. But there are certain methods you can use which are most effective in benefiting you the most during this process of being able to attract true love.

Start right now by loving yourself and others who are already in your life at this moment. You need to become a loving person and a person that’s seen as being easy to love as this will radiate from you. This is where you have to put all your past hurts behind you and concentrate on what you deserve, because we all deserve a true love partner who we can happily share our lives with. Keep yourself happy and positive as often as possible, because we all prefer to be around those types of people. Start to see the good in everything and everyone around you.

Do things that make you feel good about yourself and also let others see the good that you do. To attract a true love that’s more compatible to you, get more involved and active in things you like to do where you could also come across your true love. This could include a sport, the gym, or creative things like learning cooking, crafts or other similar courses.

Make sure that you truly believe in your heart everyday that you ‘will’ attract this true love. Even make note of it if you have to so you don’t get discouraged. This is very important and if you never give up until you find it, then it has to find you too. Remember the old saying, that most relationships are created when we least expect them to.

Don’t actively keep searching for it, just believe with your heart and soul, and then keep yourself busy with other things that make you smile and are fun. We are most attractive to the opposite sex when we are smiling and having fun.

So start being happy with your current situation now, and be grateful for everything that you currently have in your life. Also believe that everything happens for a reason and is to help make you a better person so you can continue to learn and grow. We are all here for a reason and the more that we find the good in each situation, the happier and stronger we will be and other people will also see us portraying strength, love and happiness.

This all puts you in the best possible position to be attracting your true love into your life. It may not happen immediately, but it will start the process. You should be able to feel true love when it arrives. It will be someone who will fall in love with you just the way you are and that includes your flaws. When you want to know ‘How to attract true love’, you really want to know how to make yourself a better person.

Just remember to keep reflecting that positive happy person in everything you do and it will not only attract true love, but also help make the world a better place by affecting those around you.

My name is Lauren and I have become intrigued with how successful relationships work and last. I have also done up an article on How ANY Woman Can Become Irresistible To Men, and another on How To Attract Love with the Law of Attraction. This includes a lot of the information that I have found and believe needs to be expressed that a lot of women are unaware of. So don’t have another argument with your partner, find out how they can understand you better without raising your voice.

Question by caligirl: How do you attract love into your life?
How do you attract men who are secure within themselves? An honest, open, and beautiful love?

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Answer by Kevin
let it come to you, dont search for it

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Available at: Attract Love with Hyptalk’s latest Law of Attraction Hypnosis DVD. This is a short introduction to the actual 24:30 minute Law of Attraction Hypnosis DVD available at The actual video includes a 6 minute hypnosis induction to get you very relaxed and receptive to the suggestions. The suggestions happen within the beautifully written hypnosis script, plus whispered affirmations, over 100 pictures and video, and on screen text affirmations. It will inundate your subconscious mind with powerful messages to help you attract more love in an existing or future relationship.
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Hypnosis to attract and radiate love, with hypnotic Theta and Delta frequencies

Hugging puppies
Image by basykes via Flickr

Lots of readers ask about bringing More Love Into Your Life, so check this out. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time searching for articles, videos and other worthwhile material which aids people to have more worthwhile relationships. Be sure to look closely at it all. Don’t forget to include your advice so all of us can appreciate your thoughts:


How To Attract More Love Into Your Life – Love Yourself First

By Ilona Kravtsova

There are so many articles these days that are supposed to help you to attract the man or woman of your dreams into your life. We all want to be loved, we all want to meet someone who will answer our emotional, spiritual and physical needs and live happily ever after.

You’ve probably heard that in order to find your love you need to love yourself first. You need to learn to love yourself unconditionally and fully before you can create a lifelong loving relationship with anyone else.

But how can we learn to love ourselves? What is it that we need to do to make sure that we give ourselves that full and unconditional love?

There are several simple exercises you can do.

Talk to yourself kindly and gently.

This little exercise is very powerful. It can do wonders; from boosting your self confidence to healing your mind and body.

Look at yourself in the mirror at least twice a day and say “I love you fully and unconditionally. I will love you always no matter what. You are a great person and I am always with you. I am proud of you and will always support you.”

You will see after several days of doing it how much better you will feel.

Forgive yourself.

So often we beat ourselves up for our mistakes. It might make us feel better that we are so conscious and strict with ourselves, that we are so good we admit our mistakes and punish ourselves for them. In reality, it is just making things worse. When you beat yourself up, you are so much more likely to repeat the same mistake over and over again. It is only when you are kind and gentle with yourself and forgiving that you can make changes for the better.

The next time you make a mistake, say to yourself — “It is ok, I still love you, I am sure the next time you won’t do it. You are only human, you are entitled to make mistakes. I forgive you and I still love you. ”

Talk to your inner child.

We all have a child still living inside of us. By being kind and loving toward that child you can learn to love yourself and heal the past pains that are holding you back from being completely happy.

Imagine yourself as a child. See yourself when you were little. Talk to that child, hug him or her, hold them tightly and say “I love you, I will always be with you, you are wonderful, and I am so proud of you.”

A lot of our love life issues come from our childhood. Sometimes our parents were too strict and unsupportive of us, or maybe our friends or teachers hurt us. Those experiences still live inside of you. By talking to your inner child and assuring him/her that you are always there for him/her and will always love him/her, can you heal those past painful experiences and reveal a new, stronger, more loving you.

It is true that you can’t truly love anyone without loving yourself first. You can’t attract a loving relationship into your life before you heal relationships within yourself and learn to love yourself fully and unconditionally. Start now!

Finding your passions and dreams and pursuing them takes lots of courage and confidence. Many people know about the Law of Attraction nowadays, but not many do anything with this knowledge or know how to apply it to their lives in order to achieve their dreams.

Are you ready to start living your dreams? Are you ready to discover the exact steps you need to take in order to get there? If you are, visit and sign up for a free One Million Dreams e-course. It will teach you the exact practical steps you need to take in order to harness the full power of the Law of Attraction and start living your life with passion and purpose.

This is not your usual e-course. By signing up, you will add one more dream follower to our community of dream followers and hopefully one more dream realized to my One Million Dreams Challenge. Are you on board? Visit One Million Dreams Challenge now, sign up for a free e-course and find out what everyone is talking about.

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