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Question by : How can I use the law of attraction to attract love?
Or a specific person?

Thank you for helping! :)

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Answer by Jukebox Moon
What’s the law of attraction? Opposite attract? :S Sorry I’m answering a question with a question.

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Question by Really Now?: How exactly is someone born with a sexual attraction to someone?
I thought that attractions is something that we are conditioned to have? Am I born with an attraction to the color red ( I like red). I thought we were conditioned to like certain people or be attracted to them? So if you are born with a sexual attraction, why can’t people be born with a race attraction?

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Answer by Chocolate
You can’t be born like that. You can’t even see when you’re born, let alone seeing the color red. It all depends on how you were raised up and your own opinions. If you were raised to hate a certain race, you probably wouldn’t be attracted to them. A lot of it comes from influence from you parents and friends.

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Finding a suitable partner and knowing How to Attract Love are major concerns for many, whether they are single, widowed divorced, or simply miserable in their current relationship. A suitable love match is out there if you go about it the right way. This article attempts to explain the key features of how to attract a loving partner.


Law of Attraction Love Match – How to Attract Love

Most people don’t realize that the law of attraction works for everything. It’s not just about attracting money, or that new job or car, or any other material thing you may want, it’s about using it to attract everything you want in your life, including attracting love. Since the law of attraction is always on and you’re attracting everything into your life already-why not do so consciously?

Law of Attraction Love

In using the law of attraction to attract love, you must have a clear vision of what you want in your ultimate relationship. We’re talking details here, not generalities. And if you don’t define exactly what you want, you may end up with a prince that turns into a toad or a witch disguised as a princess.

Attracting the Prince or Princess

The thing to realize about Law of Attraction Love is that you will be attracting to you exactly how you feel about yourself. How you feel about yourself, how much you love yourself-will be mirrored to you by the person you attract. So it is very important that you…

Love Yourself First

Every relationship we have, be they the ones from work, play, our communities or our private lives-all of these relationships reflect back to us the love we give ourselves. They will tell you or not whether you love yourself first.

Loving Yourself Is Not Selfish-It’s Absolutely Necessary

While this may seem selfish, it is imperative if you are going to partner with someone else. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love another? If you don’t love yourself, how can they love you? When you are in a relationship, you will find that the way that person loves you is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.

It really is that simple. All relationships are mirrors of our own self-love.

So How Do We Attract Love First and Foremost? By Loving Ourselves First!

This can be an incredibly challenging endeavor for most people. They have no clue where to begin. And it is not an uncommon problem. I find it everywhere I go.

One of the biggest problems in the world today is a lack of self-love. Once you learn to love yourself, you have the ability to be compassionate and caring toward others. Until you love yourself, you don’t really have the capacity for compassion. If the lack of self-love is at the core of your life that will be reflected back to you in every one you meet and in every thing that you do.

I think that’s why people struggle for the best house, the best clothes, the best car, and the best body-because there’s something missing on the inside.

Material Goods Do Not Equal Self-Love

Having all these material things are great-but if you seek them to fill the hole inside, you’ll find that hole is really a black hole that continually consumes everything around you. It warps the energy field of everything in your life.

There’s only one thing that fills the black hole within and it is self-love. There’s no magic pill you can take that can fix it, but if you pay attention, apply your consciousness and start to love yourself first, watch out, because your life will change for the better.

You’ll experience a forward momentum and soon find yourself with your own law of attraction love match.

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Question by Ese: How do women manage their emotional vs physical attraction?
For guys, at least the vast majority, Sexual attraction tends to come largely from physical appearance (Mind you, any girl who is NOT nice is pretty much an instant turn-off, but that’s as specific as that gets). Then emotional attraction comes from the underlying friendship and romantic attachment.

But being around a lot of women, I’ve noticed that since emotional and sexual attraction are personality-based for women, there’s a discrepancy between “Hot” guys and “Sweet” guys. Usually if they’re really sexually attractive, they are the sleazy ones that get you hurt. And if they’re the kind of guys that can hold a lasting relationship, they come off as initially having no backbone, or being clingy. No one wants that.

Like, if you look at it like a venn diagram. 2 circles being sexual and emotional connection, a guys easily overlaps. A good-looking girl can easily be nice, and nice girl can be plenty good-looking. Looks and personality aren’t very heavily correlated.

That’s why I feel it must be difficult for women, because personality affects sexual AND emotional attraction. There’s little overlap. On one far end we’ve got good guys who don’t show their toughness on their shirts, then there are the guys that can sweep women off their feet, but usually just drop them.

I just want to know how you manage, or how accurate this point of view is.
PS, igone the fact I put “physical” in the title.

“How do women manage their emotional vs sexual attraction?”
This would also explain why girls throw guys in categories of “friends” or “potential dates” that cannot interchange. It’s either one or the other. And then a lot of guys crush on friends, or consider all girls potential dates regardless of friendship status.

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Answer by pondering
well. for me personality trumps all. i will hook up with a guy solely based on his looks and sexual attractions, but will never ever start a relationship with him because it would never work out. when looking for someone to have a relationship it is mostly personality that attracts me. of course i have to be somewhat physically attracted to him, but really, he could be very average looking and i would still adore him if he has a good personality. not only does he have to have a good personality, but it has to match my personality. i feel like guys base relationships too much on physical matters, while women, at least i, will disregard physical features if that means i am emotionally attracted to the man.

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Question by Erum J: is it possible to attract love by law of attraction?
I am in love with someone who is beyond my reach because I never personally have known him.Do you think by truly believing that I can be with the person will I be with him?

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Answer by here
No. The desire for someone doesn’t guarantee that they’ll return the feeling. It could happen, but unless you get to know each other and he doesn’t feel the same way then how could it. There are plenty of men in the world, so don’t feel bad.

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Question by abhik s: How does bodily attraction change with time between married partners?
It appears that bodily attraction play some role in initial stage of love which we call romantic love. However when their love turns into mature love, when partners accept each other for what they are in “reality” does bodily attraction still play any important role? I am unmarried but curious to know from others experiences.

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Hit it hard before she has kids because afterwards she might have stretchmarks.

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Question by cabghunter: Attraction?
What are your thoughts on attraction? Is it purely physical at the beginning. Do you have to begin with attraction or can it be developed over time? I think emotional and spiritual attraction keep us in love and is what makes strong relationships. Appreciating how lucky I am to have my spouse makes me think of her as sexier? What is it that attracts you to your spouse besides physical appearance? Also Why dose attraction sometimes fade? What makes it fade? Lastly, what prevents it from fading?

Sorry for so many ?’s

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Answer by Cerenity
wow… i love that question…. a good ponder type of question
a star!

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