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Question by Green Phoenix: How could kids show appreciation and love to their parents?
Doing a project at school, and I need to know easy ways to help kids show appreciation and love to their parents that isn’t expensive and is fun. The kids are third grade, and all serious answers are appreciated.

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Answer by Michael W
obeying their parents. doing their chores/homework. Telling their parents. pick flowers, make a card, etc.

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Question by Confusion: What word other than “self help” could be used to describe living a competitive proactive lifestyle?
I’m looking for information on how to be a better person. How I can work towards it. How I can rationalize my thoughts, and set a goal towards.

Hell, even a life basics book would help me out. Anything other than self help which makes a point of wording their books like you are in need of “help” and are thus pitiful.

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Answer by Imaka
Try searching for information on entrepreneurship or self-sufficiency – in some ways opposite sides of the same kind.

I hope this is helpful. Best of luck.

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Question by Evelyn M: what does this quote(if you could call it) mean?It is in Spanish?
“Si la otra persona te injuria, quizás se te olvide; pero si tú injurias al otro, siempre te acordaras. (Kahlil Gibran)”
…..It is in spanish I know spanish but i don’t know what this mean……???

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Answer by Melli
If the other person injures you, you may forget the injury; but if you injure him you will always remember.

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Question by Nathan: Whats a great effective fast working love spell i could use to attract true love and affection?
hi i was wondering if there were any greatly effective fast working love spells anyone can send me for free, aso if possible i dont have any friends, and if anybody knows a good spell to use to attract great friendship and friends i’d also appreciate that, thank you very much to whoever helps me out and have a great day to you all……

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Answer by ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
My friend swears by Emily Post’s book of Etiquette.

But a magic spell? Sorry there isn’t such a thing.

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