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I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization.
How To Materialize Your Hearts Desires With Holographic Creation. Learn To Use Your Holographic Mind Power. It Rocks!
I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization.

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Having a positive attitude towards achieving success is generally regarded as a prerequisite for any likelihood of gaining the result that is wanted. The focus that this attitude provides also stimulates awareness of new opportunities and the generation of ideas that could be helpful in moving towards your goal.


Positive Attitude Is The Key To True Happiness

What is a positive attitude? Being assured and happy with your inner-self is the beginning of the process. A wholesome self-image radiates love and sureness and makes the people who are around you feel the same way.

Having an optimistic demeanor is a fundamental component for obtaining success in every facet of your life. Your attitude destines how you approach your life and is emulated in your work, business ventures, sporting accomplishments and relationships.

A winner’s attitude is a principal requirement for achieving your goals in life. People that we admire for achieving greatness would not have achieved their desires by living their life with an aloof demeanor. The primary elements for a prosperous life are accepting yourself, having the ability to visualize your success and having the right attitude.

A positive attitude accomplishes an idealistic outlook on life. You will feel joyful, healthier and more energetic. Your faith in yourself and your skills will be amplified and by assuming an open and positive attitude your mind will be
alert to the opportunities that will start to come your way. Often when people have a negative attitude they become entirely immersed with their problems and are unable to see the opportunities that are staring them in the face. Once
you teach your mind to automatically adopt a positive attitude your difficulties will not be as significant and you will be able to handle them comfortably.

By nature we are attracted to the company of positive people. They make us feel great about life by lifting our spirits. Attitude, whether it’s positive of negative, is extremely infectious – make the choice to spend your time with positive people and your character will imitate the same vibration. When you approach your life with a positive attitude your body will be enveloped with a light energy which will magnetically draw people towards you.

Achieving your goals is entirely within your power, however, you have to approach life with a positive attitude and believe that whatever you desire can, and will, be achieved – harness this with a positive attitude and you will be irrepressible. In 1903 a renowned New York engineering professor had said that it would be impossible for man to fly. A fortnight later the Wright Brothers flew the world’s first powered airplane. These guys had a definite advantage – they unconditionally believed that their dream was achievable!

Don’t let fear of failure hold you back from pursuing your dreams – trust in your dreams and espouse a positive attitude. We all have the potential to soar to great heights if we take on a positive attitude like the Wright Brothers.

Madonna Jeffries is the founder of Planet Abundance. Her mission is to provide effective self help and personal development tools that will enable you to achieve success in all areas of your life. Sign up for your FREE wealth creation mini course & receive 2 free e-books at Planet Abundance

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I couldn’t resist posting this item on loving yourself. I am often looking for graphics, articles and other beneficial content which aids visitors to have more lasting relationships. Be sure to look closely at it all. Don’t forget to include your advice so we can all appreciate your thoughts:


Seven Simple Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself

Not feeling the spark about who you are and why you’re alive?

Can’t get excited about the day ahead of you?

Feel like you’re not in love with yourself?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my 50 years of life, and over 25 years of helping myself and others lead a life filled with energy and enthusiasm, it’s that everything begins with an authentic desire to feel better. This is just another way of saying that what we all want to be filled with our own love, bubbling up from inside of ourselves, and expressed outwardly into the world. We want to be free to place our energy and authentic desires into creative activities that have meaning to us personally.

While there are many ways and many paths to achieving this higher state of consciousness, I wanted to share some really specific and concrete things you can do today, right now, or this week to change the dynamics of your relationship with yourself and start feeling excited about your life again.

Simple, fun, and effective! Here you go…

Create a Big Vision for Your Life.

Think big and write it down. There’s something magical about thinking into the future and imaging yourself living a great life. Writing down your dreams begins the process of crystallizing that imagined life by moving it into reality. No longer is your desire swirling around in your ethereal mist. It has now taken a step into physical life.

Start Small.

A big dream is exactly that-BIG. And big often implies overwhelming. That’s why your big written dream is only a roadmap, not a daily action plan. Use your dreams as a guidepost to determine your everyday choices and actions. With each choice and action you can ask, “Did I move in the general direction of my dream, or did I wander off course?”

Look for the Passion in Your Journey.

Having more passion involves a sense of knowing what you want and moving in that direction because doing so is important to you. You decide to face your challenges or attempt to bring your desires to life because doing so will allow a new expression of who you really are. You decide you want to feel differently in your body, overcome stress, end your struggles with weight, find a way to move through depression, or begin that new career because you want to live your life differently, more powerfully, and filled with more happiness.

You may not succeed right away, but you have to know within yourself that what you want is important to you!

Live in the Present.

Take whatever steps are necessary to heal your past, forgive and let go, and live in the present moment. Reexamine your past experiences from the vantage point of this present moment. How did you grow as a result? Was there a hidden gift in the experience? What did you learn as a result of the situation? Repeat this process until you can forgive yourself and others, let go of fear, anger, and resentment, and bring the wisdom gained from those past experiences into your present life.

Demonstrate Appreciation to Yourself.

Author Melodie Beattie explains to us, “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Cultivating an inner appreciation for the joy that is already present in our lives shifts our focus from what is wrong with our lives to what is right. If we take the time, no matter how troubled we feel, we can find something about ourselves and our life to be thankful for. Allowing yourself the opportunity to feel even a little better than you feel right now is how a great life expands.

Look For the Best In Yourself.

Maybe you’re not sure exactly when it happened, but somehow it became a habit to focus on what was wrong with your body, your life, and your inner being. No need to dig up old skeletons, but there is a need to change focus. Start looking for evidence of your worth and beauty. Don’t just come up with a thing or two you enjoy about yourself, come up with a hundred wonderful things about you. Write those things down and begin the process of teaching yourself to recognize the love that is you.

Engage in New Activities and Have More Fun.

So much of the self-help journey is focused on attempting to fix the undesirable parts of ourselves and our lives. While it’s important to learn how to love and embrace those hard-to-love parts, we often forget to hit the easy button.

In this case, engage in new activities and have more fun. Humans thrive on new experiences. There’s something inside us that wants to play, to experience new things, to expand our talents and knowledge. One easy way to get out the rut and experience more vibrancy is to do something out of the ordinary. Today, find at least one new way to laugh and play and explore!

Remember that what is most important in life is what will give you joy in both the long-run and the short-run, not just what will give you a moment of pleasure. Reflect on what you truly value in life and make your needs a priority. Give yourself more opportunities to engage in the actions that bring feelings of joy, love, and happiness. There’s nothing more important to yourself-and to the world-than your growing love of yourself!

You do not need to go through life exhausted, depressed, stressed, or overweight! Imagine waking up each morning with joy and positive energy that lasts throughout the day! Subscribe to our wonderful free weekly Loving Miracles newsletter at

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