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I couldn’t resist posting this item on how to get him thinking about you. Keeping this blog current naturally means constantly looking for articles, videos and other useful content which assists visitors to have more uplifting relationships. Be sure to look over it all. Don’t forget to offer your advice so we can all be aware of your thoughts:


How to Make Him Think of You Every Day – 5 Things to Make Sure Your Man Sticks Beside You

There are countless ways by which you can make your guy think of you each day. Make sure you make him long for you if you truly love your guy. Otherwise, someone might come along and suddenly grab your man away. Here are a few things you must do to make sure your man sticks beside you till the end.

1. Give Him A Pet Name That Will Drive Him Crazy For You

And if you are thinking of how to make him think of you every day, all you need to do is to make sure you call him an endearing name that only the two of you know. Since every guy on earth wants his woman to be the sweetest girl ever, this will surely give him an electrifying feeling every time he hears you calling him that name.

2. Use The Sweetest Saccharine Voice

And every time you are not together, he will always miss that saccharine, almost aphrodisiac-like tone of your voice calling his name; thus, making him long for you each day. Really, if you are still thinking how to make him think of you every day, make sure that when you are with him in a dark place, make it a point that you let him feel how sexy you sound, that will keep that sound close to his ears each time you are not with him.

3. Always Reach Out For Something From His Pockets

One or two unexpected touches from you will surely keep his nerves stimulated. Try reaching out for something in his pockets each time you are together, and that will surely bring him tingling sensations that will last the times you are not together.

Touching unexpectedly has great powers in relationships. And when still considering how to make him think of you every day, simply stimulate your guy’s nerve endings and make sure you are able to generate a physical connection leaving him to want you more.

4. Be Sensitive With Him

Remember, never ask the keys from him, simply move your hands smoothly into his pockets; or better yet, do not expect him to pass the salt when you need it, rather reach towards him while pressing your breasts to him. And when in a crowded place, remember never to walk sideways with him, instead squeeze your buttock into his front. Really, you will never have to worry thinking about how to make him think of you every day. With this sneaky tactic, you will see how great it works.

5. Deprive Him From Your Small Talks

Telling men less about you makes them crave for you more. Edit your daily conversations with him and you will be surprised how more interested he will become. Yes, men are by nature fond of less detail. Therefore, the less you talk, the more they will long for your opinion. Really, one best technique of how to make him think of you every day is by simply giving him the conclusion of what you have to tell him each time.

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