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Why do men love women?

What have women got that men just can’t stop going crazy over them? Why do men love women? Is it because of love or lust? What makes those two diverge? At the early age of puberty, men feels fascinated to women. They have the penchant also to be attracted to older girls even at the age of 7. This is because older girls are a lot sexier and attractive. It looks they see their mother in older girls. Younger men feel pampered by older women. Older women tend to understand younger men more particularly in their mood. But as they grow older, men love women younger than them or at their age.

How can you actually define love or differentiate love from lust? Is it love that men felt when they spot a woman and feel something? Well I could declare that it would take time to finally conclude that what he or she feels is already that issue called love.

Love is past physical, it is something you can’t touch. When you can forgive and forget what a person has caused you, then that is love.

Lust, on the other hand is still an feeling that is merely physical.This is linked with the feeling of craving a person sexually but oftentimes leads to Love and wanting to impart something beyond physical.

You can say you really love a person if in a longer span of time, you remain fascinated to him or her physically and later on turned into something sensitively distinctive.

Steps to draw men:

1) Fill up your love tank- love the people surrounding you, welcome their decency, love yourself. Men are more fascinated to women who illustrate that they are to be respected and valued. Friends can help particularly affectionate and wonderful friends. It will present in your well-being if you are full of love and when you are full of love, you can love others already.

2) Cook up Love – Be the master of the kitchen and attract your man through his stomach.

3) Be yourself – While men loves being pursued, most men still love to chase women. Shine in other things so he would perceive you; for example if he is a school mate then excel in the classroom. If he is a neighbor who doesn’t even give a look, then start by giving the mother some new recipes to cook. Act as if he’s not your goal and let him target you instead.

Men are born polygamous and they tend to glance elsewhere and this is extremely important when looking for a mate. We don’t know for sure how to keep his attention unless of course if he really loves you that much not to consider hurting your feelings. You have to take the chance, for it might be precious in the end and anyway life is a risk you have to take and that incorporates loving someone.

Men have crabbiness too that need women to shut up so it is important to know the nature of men. Listen and don’t nag but be sharp in studying the thin line that separates listening and enabling your partner to fool you. Solving troubles in a relationship is in the hands of a woman. It is hard for women to keep their men and keep them interested with them all the time. Keep you man enthralled with you through these steps:

The center of a relationship should be reliance. Faith and trust must at all times be present.

1) CREATE MOMENTS TOGETHER. Typically men do this; out of the blue men would propped a date in some passionate place just for two; a candlelight dinner, with a music in the background or may be a little bit offhand as just walking in Manila Bay at sunset, a picnic at the Park or in the Zoo, for those of smaller budget, but whatever it is what is important is that you make some moments together, because that is what life is all about.

2) Share your dreams and aspirations to your loved one. Your relationship does not consist of you alone so when it comes to your thoughts and aspirations, see if it fits with his. How close or far apart, similar or conflicting are your dreams and his dreams, then you’ll know if you are to go on this relationship or not. Never give up a dream just to satisfy your partner’s emotional insecurities as this will be the cause of the potential breakdown of your relationship in the end.

3) DON’T NAG. Learn to listen to your partner’s side and don’t be a faultfinder. Your relationship must have trust in order to have future. Nurture and win trust instead of abusing it.

4) Be a friend first and became lovers later on. Lovers should only be second from friendship to make it continue longer.

Women fascinate men who knows how to handle themselves. Women that can encourage and comfort a man in times of sorrow. In a relationship, a man should not be the only one who’s strong. In fact, when it comes to feelings, women are stronger. That is fairly obvious. For more advice on how to deal with men or women relationship visit they sure have lots of thoughts to ascertain from.

dreams and wishes. 62/365

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To be able to successfully analyze dreams has been the aim of countless students of the dream world for thousands of years. Dream analysis and interpretation has been attempted among primitive societies and is to be found in the writing of many famous explorers of the mind, including Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Here are some of the symbols that are commonly found and the interpretations that have been attached to them.


Analyzing your Dream – Universal Symbols

By Dale R. Smith

Dreaming of, or about, something that stands for or represents something else may be the particular main component are, in fact, the details. You can even recognize particular energetic or vigorous activity, such as falling or flying. In a dream about familiar objects, perhaps the focus of a thought or action might be architectural elements like a hallway, familiar paintings, the ceiling above. Perhaps a mouse or rat may be a part of a dream. Details such as these mean something that stands for or represents something else is, for each dreamer, an individual thing. This may be construed that such “dream dictionary” may have different definitions for different persons in individual dreams. Meaning that a dream reference source which provides information on a given list of terms might provide have the correct definition to the symbol in your particular dream. Why is this true? Simply, the meanings may differ from one person to another.

Animals, actual or imaginary

Animals may appear as either rational, such as a dog or elephant, or irrational, as a dragon or unicorn. Symbolizing our own individual traits, animal may represent either bad or good. If an animal appears to be doing something in a dream, normally it indicates some bad trait. Accepting and watching an animal showing something negative is far easier than accepting credit for our own negativity.

For an example, consider a woman that is dieting and sincerely wishes to lose weight but tends to binge. After trying and failing several times, she has reached to time to resolve her problem. One evening, in an exact point of weakness, a very magnificent serving of chocolate with ice cream, is consumed. Envision her dream finds her, on a cloud covered day, located on an unfamiliar farmstead. She discovers, with disgust, a giant manure-covered sow eating and sucking her slop without stopping. With astonishment and shame, she notices that the sow was consuming cake and ice cream. It is not necessary to realize the meaning of the dream or the disgusting sow. Her individual dream presents the message that her feeling about herself is very much the same as the sow should she not learn to get her eating under control.


Various forms of transportation in which you travel normally reflect two different affairs in general. On the one hand, the direction that you life is taking and your general body condition, i.e., that in which you are traveling through life. The level of exposure to a particular type of vehicle may totally change the meaning. Furthermore, the condition may give you a hint of your health. For example, if you dream of an old jalopy, journeying down a muddy road completely configured with deep ruts, on a night of rain and storms, might be considered a grave dream! On the other hand, soaring through the sky in a beautiful Lear jet with a song of joy and a strong tailwind could be considered a great dream.

Young Children

A young child might be considered as something very new and different, something jubilant. Along the line of this logic, you can easily conceive a child as representing a new stage of life or something new dispatch approaching. As the child approaches and proceeds in our dream may be something which indicates how well we are doing in life. Furthermore, a child in your dreams indicates the innocence of yourself. At other times, it might indicate immaturity and childish behavior. All this depends on the content of the dream.

Clothing and Apparel

Different moods tend to indicate choosing diverse and different clothing and apparel. Therefore, for this reason, better symbolizes mood or state of our mind. Change of style of clothing may also indicate changing attitudes. Normally, clothing indicates different modes of life… work, dating, play and social interaction. Carrying this further, attitudes and moods replicate desired clothing and tend to camouflage what is hiding. The face presented to the world in different situations helps to cope. Take note of your clothing, and of other people, when dreaming to achieve specific clues to the meaning of a dream. A prevalently missed clue that is overlooked is finding clothes drying on a clothes line or simply laying around in a heap. A good idea to take note is the style and condition of the apparel that you and others are wearing.

Death or dying

Most any dream that refers to death, passing, attending a funeral or anything of this nature, generally relates to changing. This kind of change is normally very dramatic and major in life. Your life will be changed both in attitude and emotions. Dreams of this kind are very symbolic, indicating fear – usually fear of death or change. Most everyone will certainly agree that death is ultimate change and feared by average persons. Dreams of death are generally about big change and must never be ignored. Usually they really do the spectre of death and often symbolize a threat. Whatever better suits the dream is how accurate the theme is derived. Fortunately, dreams about death indicate a coming major change and not literally about death and you should not panic with such a dream. Simply go through the analysis process and make whatever sense of it that you possibly can.

Buildings or houses

Buildings in a dream normally indicate a direct and specific area in you life. Should you dream of an office or factory normally pertains to where you work. It is not necessarily related to exactly what you do at work. A person that works in an office might dream of a assembly line job and still relate to the assembly line because of the association that he or she made in their mind. You might dream of a bathroom should your health or hygiene be an issue or a kitchen may relate to heating and nutrition habits. Your association to different setting might mean, in general, that to which your dream is proposing specifically. What you associate different locations to mean in general, usually points to what the dream was getting at specifically. Although, dreaming of childhood homes usually reflect your life today. Dreaming of mass confusion in a childhood home may indicate great A dream of mass chaos in your childhood home can indicate something which is disturbing your life either now or, possibly, very soon. Dreams of this sort are generally very prophetic and you should write down details as you remember them and profoundly analyze them. Further, dreams of great and imposing building such as cathedrals and eminent churches normally indicate great meaning and must be taken seriously with any applied associations.

Persons appearing in dreams actually reflect the qualities which characterize the individual, provided the dream is not forecasting. Traits that are thought to be good require enhancement or development. On the other hand, if they are negative, should be eliminated or reduced. After dreams such as these, quickly query yourself about traits that are good and those that are not so desired that appear in dreams. Look with insight regarding these traits, good and bad. You may quite surprise to find ones that match you waking self! Frankly, dream people generally reflect, or mirror, consequential facets of your personality. Always, you might act in the best interest of oneself to discover and put into effect these traits.

Dream symbols.

Dale R Smith – retired teacher and graphic artist in both civilian and military environs. He has written instructional manuals for aircraft, missiles and heavy machinery. A jack-of-all-trades, many of skills have been self-taught, but with a foundation in under graduate and graduate studies in two universities. Dream symbols.

Question by laetitia: Mini stroke symptoms – ” just stress”? CT-scan came back “Normal”…?
One night after a lot of stress (crying as well) I was talking at about 4 am in bed with my boyfriend (lights on) and suddenly said “That’s weird; I can’t see properly” . It wasn’t black, just… patches of nothingness. We put it down to stress and exhaustion.

Then I couldn’t feel my right arm… or my right leg and right side of my face. When I touched my face it felt like when one has a local anaesthetic. When I tried holding my right arm with my left hand, it felt very heavy, dead-like.

Then extreme pain came in the left side of my head. Suddenly I couldn’t speak properly, and wasn’t able to evoke words that I wanted to say.

For example: If I wanted to say “I’m going to the bathroom” I’d say something like ” I swim ten too” and then I’d correct the first word or so, after which I’d struggle with the final words as my boyfriend would try to guess what I was saying.

This entire “episode” continued for 15 mins. The pain continued until the next morning. It basically hurt whenever I moved. If I stayed still, it was fine. It felt like the pain was liquid – ie when I stood up, all the ” liquid” moved downwards. It had a pressure-like quality.

So I went to the doctor. He apparently didn’t hear that I had been “confused”. He said it was stress, and gave me painkillers for headaches. The pain went away after a day. I forgot about it until I researched the symptoms online, and saw they were all symptoms of a stroke. I went back to the doctor after 3 weeks or so (I’m really busy!) and told him this, which is when I found out he didn’t know about the “confused” part or that I lost feeling.

He sent me for a CT scan. Today the results show “normal”. Is it possible for a CT scan to miss things? I’m going to my GP in the UK, but I’m not sure if I should mention it as med-care in the UK is expensive, or whether I could have missed something serious and should therefore look into it.

Has anyone else ever had this? I don’t know who to turn to; I have no family here. Doctors here (in Kenya) tend to NOT look into things as there’s this whole positive attitude “hakuna matata” philosophy. Plus, I’m 21. Somehow doctors conclude that a 21 yr old could not possibly have something serious that’s stress-related. Please help!

Best answer:

Answer by boatwoman
Sounds to me like you had a TIA, which is a mini stroke. A TIA won’t show up on a cat scan. The same thing happend to me. I fell asleep on the sofa, woke up to go to bed, and felt like I was leaning to one side, I was actually afraid I may fall over! I went to get a drink in the kitchen and my left arm “drew up”. I was thinking is this a stroke? It happened again with my arm the same night, I felt okay so I went to bed. I called my doctor the next morning, he told me if it happens again, call 911 or call one of my daughters to take me to the hospital.

At the time I was smoking, and on hormone replacement and that is what caused it. It is in my medical record now, check with your doctor to see if he put it in your records and ask him about a TIA.

Good luck.

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Question by Yvonne A.: Happiness?
To you, what’s the definition of the word “happiness” and what’s the price one would have to pay to be happy?

Best answer:

Answer by o_reaper_tril
happiness is when you have someone special you share everything with..(just 1 of my def)

to be happy …you would also have to be sad..
thats the price..

Give your answer to this question below!

Cooking couple
Image by mrlerone via Flickr

It’s easy to think of love advice for women as a means of getting past the defenses we build that shield softer aspects from those we love. One way of approaching this is well described here by someone who’s been there and understands how to make that important connection. Let us have your thoughts by leaving your comments.


Love Advice for Women – Soft Love in the Kitchen

By Rori Raye

I was thinking about softness, and how it changes your vibe. We’re all very smart, very clever, very defended. We don’t want anyone to see how films about animals make us cry, or our scrap booking, or all the mistakes we made and continue to make around everything in life.

We don’t want anyone to see that we’re lonely, or frightened, or exuberant about the simplest things. We don’t want anyone to see us being childlike and hopeful. So we cultivate our intellect, our opinions, our thoughts on where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Today I was in the kitchen eating what I’d cooked, when my husband walked in. I have a horrible history of burning food. There was the time several months ago when I retreated to the microwave, defeated, afraid my absent-mindedness would burn the house down (talk about repressed rage).

In the last few weeks I’ve been trying the stove again – scheduling cooking time, staying put in the kitchen, turning on the timer, sharpening my attention, and not burning anything! I’m cured! I’m a cook! I’m not a menace, I can do this! And the ground turkey I cooked in the pan smelled very nice on my plate. And he says, alarm and accusation in his voice, “Did you burn something?”

“No!” I look up at him in shock.

“It smells like you burned something. Something’s burned.” and he walks into the kitchen.

“No, no!” I defend, going for the pan, picking it up to show him, feeling five years old and incompetent. “It’s just nicely brown, see?” I say forcefully, totally righteously. It’s his nose that’s wrong.

“Well, it smells like something’s burned.”

All of a sudden I get what I really feel. Yes, I’m five. I screw up my face and do big time mock crying and whining. “But I didn’t burn it!” I wail. “I didn’t….” and I go all gooey, pan in my hand, miserable. And in that second, my husband does a 180. His eyes go deep and very blue-green, he smiles so fast I’m taken aback, and he comes towards me, arms around me, “Ohhhhhhh,” he says. And that’s the end of it.

“So, how’s your day?” he skips right to his next thought, and he’s standing right up against me, and we’re connected, and I leap from five-year-old to grownup, from lump to goddess. Long ago, whenever this happened, I used to think it was because he was competitive and didn’t want me to be big. I thought he liked me girly and the loser at chess and gin rummy. I thought he was scared of my fortitude. Now I know that’s not it at all.

He just likes me better soft. He likes me better where I am than where I wish I was. He likes me better human than mistake-proof. And by liking me better this way, he encourages me to rise to the ultimate test of any relationship: He inspires me to say that I like myself best when I’m with him.

In her Have The Relationship You Want eBook, Rori Raye teaches any woman the secret of how to quickly stop the pain and frustration in her love life and get exactly the romance, affection, attention and love she really wants (and deserves!). Rori’s Tools will help you attract a man instead of accidentally pushing him away, no matter how uncertain things feel right now. Visit for her powerful, free Relationship Advice eLetter, plus tips and help you can’t get anywhere else.

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