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Buddha Statues: Exceptional Postures Of Utmost Relevance And Excellent Message

Decor and the symbolism of Buddhism have been intertwined for centuries. Today, it is not uncommon to see craftsmen and souvenir shops dedicated to the Buddha. Buddha statues can now be made-to-order and bought ready-made at stores across the planet. The symbolism is no more associated to South East Asia only. It is now flaunted in homes and offices across cultures, societies and geographical boundaries. The most popular Buddha statues include:

• The sitting posture

• In deep contemplation

• Laughing Buddha

• Medicine Buddha

• Meditating Buddha

• Buddha on the lotus blossom

• The self realized one

• Abhaymudra or the one who has conquered all fear

• Bumisparsa or the one ingrained in the Earth and humankind

• The reclining posture

There are Buddha statue made of every conceivable material too. You can find the extensive use of ceramic, clay, metal and porcelain in the making of the statues. They are carved to depict a phase in the Great sage’s life and each statue is infused with a special look and color combo. It is not uncommon to see the elements of Feng Shui being integrated with the exhibits. The most popular metal Buddha statues that you can shop for online as well as offline include those made of metal alloys, pure gold and copper. The statues are also available in granite, sandstone and wood of many types – rosewood, sandalwood, and mango wood.

Symbolism of Buddha figurines

The statues of the Buddha are very symbolic even to those who have no connectivity to the teachings of Buddhism at all. Today, due to various contemporary art forms and belief systems, images of the laughing Buddha are part of nearly every home or office. The statues of the Enlightened One in just about any pose are said to bring in happiness, prosperity and good will into the living or work space.

The Buddha statues are believed to work as lucky charms. They are commonly viewed as part of contemporary and traditional Japanese style of art, as popularly as they are now part of tapestries seen in rustic country homes of the West.

The symbolism of the buddha pendants is more about the attributes and persona of the saint than about the belief system that stemmed after his death. The white Buddha statue made typically in poly-stone and the traditional resin Buddha statue from Japan adorn homes and offices across the globe for the tranquility they are known to add to décor and aesthetics. Likewise, different Buddha statues are known to depict different attributes. For example:

• The Medicine Buddha – healing physical and mental diseases

• Contemplative Buddha – quest for enlightenment

Today it is not at all difficult to access handicrafts boutiques and exhibitions online and offline to buy antique Buddha figurines and statues. The symbolism is significant, known to usher in positive vibes, and a sense of calm, peace, self realization and harmony. Buddha statues connect with divinity and mental discipline to a large extent. The aura and ambience of serenity and tranquility that these statues fill the living space with cannot be denied.

Buddha statues are representative of contentment and abundance. The same statues that are seen gracing temples can now be flaunted in homes and offices too, ushering in prosperity and good luck.


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Question by Coco Puffs: What would be an encouraging message to a friend who is depressed?
My friend just got separated from his wife/children and is undergoing a divorce. He wrote me yesterday to tell me he is feeling depressed and lonely without his family. What would be an encouraging email to write since he is going to spend Thanksgiving by himself? He lives miles and miles away and I am out of words, don’t know what to say. HELP…

Best answer:

Answer by Rickie B
invite him for thanksgiving.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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