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Question by Michael K: Will the Republicans learn to appreciate the importance of federal govt from the recent tornadoes and floods?
The recent tragedies that hit the southern states (tornadoes and Mississippi River floods) caused massive damages to homes and businesses. In times like these, we learn that only the federal government has the power and the money to alleviate the suffering of the citizens. Will the Republicans finally stop insulting “big government” and learn to appreciate that it has more of an active role than just defense? It is good to see the Republican state governors standing with Obama and showing appreciation for the federal government’s role.

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Answer by Average College Idiot
Crap. Because the government bails everybody out nowadays people not only don’t buy health insurance, they don’t buy home owners insurance, expecting the government to bail them out instead.

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Question by nonyabiznas: How can I make myself happier about a new baby?
I am a mother of two great children and married to a wonderful man who is an amazing father to my children. I have just found out that I am pregnant again. This will be my husbands first biological child and he is thrilled and very happy about it. I on the otherhand am just very upset about the timing of this as I have just started my ownbusiness and don’t feel like i could handle three small children. I am completely against abortion and adoption (for myself) and I will have the baby, but I am feeling so down about it that I really could use some help trying to figure out how I could be happier about it and get excited like my husband. Thanks.
I would also like to add that most of my worries and things that I am upset over are the fact that we are struggling to make it as we are with money and such, so it just seems like it’s impossibly to ever get ahead, and this sets up back even more. I know I have responsibilities to take care of and I will do the best that I can, but it’s diffacult thinking ahead since we live in a three bedroom trailer in the midle of nowhere, and my car is too small to fit three children in it at once. I cant sell my car because it is in someone elses name and I cant afford a new one. My house feels like it is falling apart- the roof leaks among other things. Its just so stressful and I don’t know if I can make it through all of this,

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Answer by luvlylocks18
You know you will work it out. I would feel horribe if I got pregnant now also. However God has a time and a purpose for everything and just know your baby is coming now because he has a purpose for that baby you have growing inside of you. Good Luck in that and your new buisness!

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Question by Nomi: Explain appreciation and depreciation of curencies. If more and more students start coming to the United Stat?
Explain appreciation and depreciation of curencies. If more and more students start coming to the United States to study, is it likely to appreciate or depreciate our currency and how?

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Answer by simplicitus
And you are asking this in the math section of Yahoo Answers rather than the economics section because?

The more people want your money, the more your money appreciates.

If people want to come to the U.S. and spend money, they have to have U.S. money to spend.

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Cover of "A Beautiful Day"
Cover of A Beautiful Day

When we think ‘wealth’ it’s tempting to think of all the things we don’t have. Yet when we pause and let ourselves see the many different aspects of our lives for which we can be thankful, that appreciation can reveal to us treasures that had simply passed by unnoticed and are suddenly revealed. Here are some thoughts on discovering the hidden wealth in your life and how your days can be truly beautiful.


Appreciation – The Key to Instant Wealth

By Shane A Jones

We all want to be happy. We all desire affluence. The best way to experience happiness and wealth immediately is to Appreciate all that you have and all that you are right here and right now.

All too often, we tend to believe that we lack certain aspects of our lives that keep us from being as happy as we could be. We feel like we need a better car, a better house, a better job, or more money. In fact, we are conditioned to believe that we should always want something more than what we have.

What we are not conditioned to do, is to simply Appreciate that which we already DO have. The simple act of Appreciating enables us to become aware that we are in fact already much wealthier than we habitually believe.

If we take stock of our lives in terms of This Present Moment, which is the One Moment of Experience, and take a detailed inventory of what we DO have, we find that we are in fact already quite wealthy.

In terms of This Present Moment, we find that we already have an abundance of food, clothing, shelter, and cash that we need, at least for This Moment! We may not have enough of a stock of these things to last us an entire lifetime, but unless we are in very extreme circumstances, we can usually accept that we DO in fact have more than enough for This Moment.

And because This Present Moment is the One and Only Moment of Experience, this means that we Do in fact have all that we need right here and right now.

We can go beyond these basic needs and appreciate the friends we have, the family we have, all of the experiences we have had, our health, the air that we breathe, and at its essence, we can can simply appreciate the fact that we are alive, and that we have the opportunity to live and enjoy and experience this life.

The act of Appreciation is one of the most powerful and effective ways of exercising our Personal Power. When we truly appreciate all that we are and all that we have right here and right now, we shift from a mindset of focusing on what we are lacking, to an awareness of what we already have. This enables us to enjoy and Appreciate life as it is right here and right now.

Since This Present Moment is our One Moment of Experience, and we can therefore only ever experience well-being right here and right now, appreciating is precisely what we need to do in order to experience wealth and happiness.

Learn to Appreciate all that you have and all that you are right here and right now, and you will never feel like you lack anything. It is possible to feel happy and fulfilled right here and right now, simply by Appreciating all that you have and all that you are, right here and right now.

One other benefit of the act of Appreciation is simply that what we focus on expands. When we focus on what we lack, we are in effect supporting the continuation of the experience of lacking. Conversely, when we focus on (appreciate) what we already have, we not only receive the immediate benefit of recognizing the ways in which we are already blessed and already wealthy, but we actually support the continuation of experiencing even more of what we have.

For some, this seems counter-intuitive. You might think that if you appreciate what you have right now, that is the same as being satisfied with your lot in life as it is right now, when in fact you really DO want more. This leads you to focus on what you don’t have, instead of appreciating what you do have.

The problem is that even though this approach seems logical, it is not effective in producing what you do want. Focusing on what you do not have, and failing to appreciate what you Do have, will only keep the same conditions in tact.

Another way to view this matter is to ask yourself: at what point is enough, enough? Even if you do succeed in accumulating the things you want and creating the precise circumstances in life you desire, will you have the capacity to actually appreciate them then?

Maybe, but in either case, the ability to Appreciate provides you with the capacity to gain maximum enjoyment of what you DO have right here and right now.

And once again, because This Present Moment is the One Moment of Experience, Right Here and Right Now is the only place and time that we can ever experience anything.

Thus, we either have the capacity to Appreciate our lives, as they are, right here and right now, or we do not. Which approach is better? Which is more empowering? Which better enables us to experience well-being?

The answer is pretty obvious.

You are my world
Image by Fabiana Zonca via Flickr

“Does he Love Me?” is a question that women frequently ask of themselves and their friends. Fortunately there are unmistakable signs that you can be alert to. By themselves, they may be of little significance but, together, can provide the assurance you are seeking.


Does He Love Me? 5 Proven Ways to Know

By Pushpa Pal Singh

Does he really love me? Does he feel the same way I feel about him? These questions are obvious when you are trying to figure out whether a guy loves you or not. There is a big difference in loving and liking someone. Sometimes love is confused with a strong liking or attraction towards someone. There are several ways to figure out whether he loves you or not. Read on to find out what these ways are and you can figure out whether he loves you or not.

He cares for you- If he loves you he would show a lot of care and affection towards you every single time. He would care for you as if he was family and would get happy when you are joyful and sad when you are down. A smile on your face would always make him happy.

He treats you like a princess- Another ways to figure out whether he loves or not is to see the way he treats you. When a guy loves a girl he tends to treat her like a real queen. He would treat you with candle lights, open doors for you, he would try to do anything and everything just to make you happy and make you feel special due to his love for you.

He expresses it- The best way to figure out whether he loves you or not is by simply reading his body language. He would most definitely do little or big things just to show you that he loves you a lot and wants to be with you. He might be shy to actually say the real words but actions tend to speak louder than words.

Expensive gifts- This is one of the best determinant of whether he loves you or not. If he really loves you he would greet you with exceptionally expensive gifts. A guy would only spend money on expensive gifts when he really loves you.

What you don’t know yet- Ever tried to wonder what’s in a woman’s mind? What is she thinking about? Do you know that women do not always mean what they say? They might say something and mean the exact opposite. But what do women actually want?

Do you know there are some secrets women don’t want men to know but men absolutely must know these secrets in order to succeed with women? Read on to discover some of the most “Shocking Secrets” women don’t want men to know- 9 Most Shocking Secrets Women don’t want men to know

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Appreciate Culture of Hutong

Image by xiaming

“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in darkness.”

Image by Claudio.Ar (not too much online)

Friends are more important than money. / Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.

Image by Jason Michael

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