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Digital Products For Healing, Self Improvement And Success
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Digital Products For Healing, Self Improvement And Success

The Dna Of Success System.
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A few spiritual products I can recommend:

Know Thyself- A Friendly Path To Self Discovery And Spiritual Connect
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Hypnosis & Subliminal MP3 Self Help And Success

by e_monk

Question by ♫ Bell ♪: ………. any good books for “self Improvement”…………………?
I been feeling kind of down lately……..depress…… I went to the book store but I couln’t find any thing for me, any suggestions???????
thank you………..

Best answer:

Answer by David
Read the book FANTASTIC!

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Question by herbs1227: “a writer should expose human faults and failures for the purpose of a charactors self improvement”?
how does that quotion apply to these 4 novels, the old man and the sea, the call of the wild and then there were none and the greatist: muhammad ali

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Answer by ▲▼▲▼
hmmm that’s a toughie.

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Why Real Love Requires Self Love


“We are want to condemn self-love; but what we really mean to condemn is contrary to self-love. It is that mixture of selfishness and self-hate that permanently pursues us, that prevents us from loving others, and that prohibits us from losing ourselves.” ~ Paul Valery, French Poet, 1871 – 1945


As a counselor I have often told people that they need to learn to love themselves. Yet, while saying this to others, I have at times taken pause to reflect and ask myself, “What does that really mean? How do we know the difference between a self-love and a selfish love? And, what can we do practically to love ourselves in the right way?” Perhaps the quote above holds a clue, because I believe true self love fills us with enough joy, peace, and love that our desire to be loving human beings grows. Because of this we want to express more empathy, compassion, and understanding towards others. Selfish love does the contrary. It increases our sense of self-loathing or our disdain and anger towards others. It causes us to act increasingly in our own best interests without considering the interests of others. It causes us to want to sacrifice others needs and desires in service to our own, instead of the other way around. Or, it causes us to self-destruct through a number of behaviors that may feel good temporarily, but ultimately they lead to the shutting down of our hearts and spiral us downward into increased self-loathing and self-reproach.


How then do we love ourselves in the right way? By first and foremost learning what love is. Then, by insisting that we feed ourselves with that love. This is best done by finding people who know how to love. From them we learn how to adopt loving mindsets, feelings, and behaviors. And, it is done by setting boundaries on people who don’t know how to encourage the greatest level of love in us. Because when we truly have that kind of love in our lives we are increasingly a blessing to others. Which is why real love requires that we love ourselves in the right way, so we can have the strength to love, the wisdom to love, and the energy to love those who need our love the most.


Dr. Lisa Love

Copyright © 2009 by Lisa Love. All Rights Reserved.


Dr. Lisa Love is the founder of LoveMovies! and also the best-selling author of BEYOND THE SECRET: Spiritual Power and the Law of Attraction; ATTRACTING REAL LOVE: 4 Steps for Finding the Love You Want; and SOUL SUCCESS: How to Create Joy & Prosperity in Good Times or Bad; MEDITATION: The Path to Peace. Buy these books and receive bonus gifts at my website. She is also a Life, Relationship, Law of Attraction, and Tranformational coach. There’s a reason my clients tell me by working with me they get major breakthroughs fast! Decades of coaching and counseling experience combined with my extensive training and work with clients from all backgrounds help my clients make shifts in a rapid way. Contact me to discover what I can do for you.



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The video for the God Lives Underwater song “No More Love” RIP David Reilly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Question by Kira Bureak: How did New Deal respond to threat of the “self help”?
Franklin D. Roosevelt took the office in 1932, and began a program of reform legislation which became famous as the “New Deal”

Best answer:

Answer by rann_georgia
“self-help” is a modernistic term and not one that would have been seen, in my opinion in the newspapers or on the street in 1932. I suspect this is a teacher who has attempted to coin the phrase and retrofit it to the problems that they faced. The answer is none. Since this is a modern term, how can anyone ask FDR, who has been dead for many, many years such a question?

The only thing I can tell you is, this sounds very much like a history question that you want other people to do your work. If so, you have a history book, a computer and internet access. You ACTUALLY go to the trouble of reading the book or do a Google search.

Since I’ve answered the question that it is none, that qualifies.

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Question by Rex Feral: Poll: What one “self improvement” thing would you like to do before you die?

Best answer:

Answer by Im thinking…
Get a certificate that says I’m clinically insane.
Are you planning on killing yourself?

What do you think? Answer below! SELF Everything you always wanted to know about self improvement, self help, and personal development Feel free to browse all 15 of our self improvement guides on self growth, inspirational, self hypnosis, stress, happiness, motivational, and positve thinking. Also get your FREE report on “Creativity Development”. This is the Ultimate self improvement, self-help, self growth, self-hypnosis, and personal development site.
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Strategic Thinking EBook e-book Self Improvement!
How to Information Product – Mental Health: Learn Strategic Thinking Techniques for Self Improvement, Self Help, Business Education, Training! Created for Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals & anyone who wants a Crystal Clear thought Process Today!
Strategic Thinking EBook e-book Self Improvement!

Question by Confusion: What word other than “self help” could be used to describe living a competitive proactive lifestyle?
I’m looking for information on how to be a better person. How I can work towards it. How I can rationalize my thoughts, and set a goal towards.

Hell, even a life basics book would help me out. Anything other than self help which makes a point of wording their books like you are in need of “help” and are thus pitiful.

Best answer:

Answer by Imaka
Try searching for information on entrepreneurship or self-sufficiency – in some ways opposite sides of the same kind.

I hope this is helpful. Best of luck.

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Question by A’s Momma: What do you think of when you hear “Self Improvement”?
I’m writing a talk and I’d like some thoughts please. Thank you. :)

Best answer:

Answer by fenderplayer211

i love fight club

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