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The desire to be happier is present in most, if not all, of us and the contrast with being unhappy can make it really clear where we presently are on the happiness scale. The following article indicates signs which can alert us to the need for change in some important areas of our life – and why. Here you are – cast a mini spotlight on your life and move forward. Leave your comments and let us know what you think.


Be Happier by Avoiding These 7 Common Mistakes Made by Unhappy People

By Fay Hartwell

In order to create a feeling, we think thoughts. If you haven’t learnt how to manage your thoughts and take control of your mind then you could be unconsciously thinking mostly negative thoughts. Research shows that most people are thinking the same negative thoughts over and over again. They estimate that we have over 60,000 thoughts per day!

Thinking thoughts of what’s wrong in your life doesn’t feel good and in line with the Law of Attraction, which is like always attracts like, you’ll experience more circumstances that confirm your thoughts that there’s something wrong with you and your life.

Successful, happy, fulfilled people think about how great life is, what they’ve achieved, what they can do to overcome their problems and all the things they’re grateful for, despite what’s happening in that moment. They focus on discovering answers and solutions to their problems.

There are 7 mistakes that most people who are depressed, miserable, anxious or unhappy make most of the time. See if you can weed out any that undermine your ability to be happy. Here they are:

Unhappy people…

1. work hard at convincing themselves of their unhappiness and use lots of energy through making judgments and focusing on negativity, to ensure they prove themselves right.

2. are more familiar with feeling down, depressed and generally unhappy than they are with feeling happy and fulfilled. They ensure they don’t experience happy feelings enough to get practise at creating them.

3. make sure that nothing works for them that would take them into a positive mood or state. They have stories about how things that have worked for other people wouldn’t work for them.

4. tend to hang out with people like themselves. They attract other unhappy, depressed and anxious people because people feel more comfortable around people like themselves. That’s why the happy mob hangs out together too.

5. consistently notice what there is to moan and whinge about in their lives and in other people’s lives too.

6. have an attitude that puts the responsibility for their happiness outside them in objects, places and other people. “I’ll be happy when things pick up at work”, “Well, I’d be happy if I lived their life…”, “if only______ then I’d be happy”

7. look at, talk about, and grow the problems in their lives. They tend to think there are only one or two solutions to any problem, neither of which they want to pursue. They become obsessed about their problems and miss the solutions. They never get to the cause of their problems which often is where answers lie.

So, now you know what NOT to do to create happiness in your life.

Stop doing any and preferably all of them, and do something positive about creating happiness in your life.

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