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I really like this song, it always makes me happy… it also reminds me of toothpaste for some reason, lol. Album: Be Exalted
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Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich explores the darker side of positive thinking.

Question by I Heart Revenge: How do you achieve personal happiness in a marriage?
I think that happiness with yourself comes before happiness in a marriage but I have lost my personal happiness b/c of marital problems. How do I become happy again, without worrying about my marital issues?

Anyone here do things to make themselves happy?

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Answer by leslie k
Both my husband and I do things around the house equally to make it easier for the other when we get home from work. Our happiness is making the other smile.

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Question by martin h: Are you sick of people saying “keep a positive attitude?”?
Do you think everyone should always wear a smile?
Explain your answer.

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Answer by ivakaty
I am inclined to say Yes, I am sick of people repeating constantly”keep a positive attitude”. Of course,it’s not normal everyone to wear a smile or it must be fake and I know people,who stick to their “happy” smiles as Idiots. Please,don’t get me wrong I am neither bitter nor angry person,but all those far-fetched posing and hipocrycy is just slightly bearable. Even so renown specialist in psychology recently admit that the too fashinable Positive thinking and practices mostly harm,than help..Great question..!!

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The foundation of successful relationships is Positive Reinforcement – creating a situation which is rewarding for the other.
Of course, ideally, relationships are mutually rewarding. However positive reinforcement can take many forms, from a simple smile or nod of approval to a lavish gift. Here are some further thought to clarify the value of reinforcement in relationships.

Positive Reinforcement: It’s Not Just For Parenting

Like light to a flower or fuel to a fire, whatever you put your attention on, grows.

If you praise a child for exhibiting desired qualities, you support the development of those qualities. Likewise, if you punish a child for negative behavior, you unwittingly perpetuate that negative patterning. If you take your focus from undesired behavior (ie. ignoring a screaming temper tantrum) and instead direct your energy towards positively reinforcing desired behavior, the desired behavior slowly takes over and the unwanted behavior slips away from sheer neglect.

We are no different than that child, or that flower. Different parts of ourselves yearn for attention, and the parts we feed with our attention are the parts that grow. To produce a more desirable state, in your being and out in the world, be discriminating in what you choose to encourage with your attention.

The process of Reinforcement works on both a positive and a negative level alike. Positive reinforcement is the act of responding to a desired behavior by adding a positive stimulus in order to increase the likelihood of that positive behavior recurring. Negative reinforcement is the act of responding to a desired behavior by removing a negative stimulus in order to increase the possibility of a positive behavior occurring.

Conversely, there is punishment. Punishment is the diametric opposite of reinforcement. Punishment involves respond to an undesired behavior by inflicting a negative stimulus (positive punishment) or removing a positive stimulus (negative punishment) in order to decrease the likelihood of that negative behavior recurring.

In punishment, your attention – the “light” – is on the undesired behavior. Punishment therefore achieves little but pain, resentment, and (ironically) the reinforcement of negative modes of thinking and behavior. The end result of punishment is suffering, not rehabilitation; and suffering only produces more suffering. The end result of positive reinforcement is joy; and joy will only produce more joy.

At the root of punishment is a resistance to forgiveness. You wouldn’t berate a child learning how to ride a two-wheel bicycle for the first time for falling off, would you? No, you’d just help the child up, offering it comforting words of encouragement, then set it off to try again, cheering in the background the whole way.

And yet you’d be so hard on yourself for the innocent slips and mistakes you make in your effort to live a good and happy life? Are you so much wiser than that child that you think you’re above making mistakes? If you think so, you’re not so wise, after all. And even for that, you deserve to be forgiven.

Positive reinforcement is used in parenting, education, politics, and business. It’s a classic management tool: the reward system, raises and promotions for a job well done. And it works, both for those receiving the rewards and those for whom reward remains but an incentive.

“Give them an inch, they want a yard,” the saying goes. Give someone a bit of something good, they want more of it. Positive-reinforcement is its own incentive. It feels good to be praised, appreciated. And when we feel good about something, we do more of it. That goes for your children, employees, coworkers, friends, students, acquaintances, and most importantly your innermost self.

How Much for Happy
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It can pay to have a sense of humor if you ask a number of people: “How Do You Define Happiness?” The answers may surprise you. Naturally, not everyone will share our ideas of what it takes to have happy lives. First answer the question yourself and then read the commentary and answers that others have given. Your comments at the end would also be appreciated.


How Do You Define Happiness?

By David Leonhardt

I ran a contest in “Your Daily Dose of Happiness” to see how people define happiness. I was stunned to discover that I am the only person who defines happiness as an extra helping of cheesecake.

There were other shockers, too.

We know that money can’t buy happiness … except, of course, when we are flat broke. But I figured several people would define happiness, at least in part, as a bulging bank vault or “financial freedom”. Just three people cited money in their definitions of happiness.

I also figured many people would cite health as part of their definition of happiness, as in “health, wealth, and happiness”. But only four people mentioned health.

No health? No wealth? How do people define happiness?

The top rated mention goes to family. It seems that we might be flat broke and deathly ill, but a loving family will make us happy just the same.

Altruism and kindness are also key. It seems we smile by making others smile. Isn’t that nice? No health and no wealth. Just smile.

Faith scores big, too. This works out very well, because we can ask our loving family to pray for a speedy recovery and a big win in El Gordo next month (assuming we recover first).

What does this mean? It means the spammers have it all wrong. They keep sending us useless emails about making money.

A typical spam message says, “Get the insider secrets to making millions on the Internet. I will give you these valuable secrets for peanuts just because I love your smile so much. You could make $5,433 in the next hour if you act now. Hurry. Don’t wait. This is the real thing. You can trust me. All the others are just scammers.”

Instead, spammers should be sending offers like, “Get the insider secret to building a loving family on the Internet. I will give you these valuable secrets for peanuts (and a big virtual hug) just because I love your smile so much. You could love your kids, spouses, uncles, parents, pets – anybody! – in the next hour if you act now. Hurry. Don’t wait. This is the real thing. You can trust me. All the others are just family planners.”

Spammers also waste emails on replacing body parts we never had and enhancing body parts we could never have, when what we really want is to know God better.

Here is a typical spammer email: “Hair loss? We just released the miracle cure. Grow your hair back thicker than a woolly mammoth preparing for the next ice age. This is worth a gazillion dollars, but you get it free for just pennies a day. Give me your credit card number before midnight tonight. I can’t afford to offer this price for long. Beware phony products that drip funny colors in your face or make hair grow in all the wrong places. This is the real thing!”

Instead, spammers should be saying: “Faithless? Book your luncheon with the Pope, dinner with the Dalai Lama and a one-on-one chat with Moses. Reserve your seat free for just a handful of pennies. Give me your credit card number before midnight tonight. Act now. I can’t afford to offer this price for long. Beware phony reservations for meetings with Michael Jackson and other fake gods. This is the real thing!”

By the way, Mother Nature was also a part of many definitions of happiness. So take your family down by the river for a prayer. And if you can lend a helping hand to a chipmunk or a duck, you’ll be the perfect definition of happiness.

About The Author. The author is David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy. To receive his column weekly in your inbox, sign up at . For how others define happiness: Visit his home page at

Question by Jeff: Gratitude?
rate this poem at this site plz =]]

by: Jeffery Martin

for some reason you saw
saw past the slumped shoulders
and downcast eyes
and instead fixed your gaze
upon the smile which hid
just behind my eyes
for some reason you saw
saw beyond the ashy, bruised skin
to the heart of the matter
and although abuse colored my world
in your classroom the rainbow shone beautifully
and sun warmed the cold parts
in your presence I was capable of anything
and fifth grade held that magic
because you chose to teach beyond assignments
and reach down to a scared child with love
telling him through word and deed
that the world was anticipating his smile

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Answer by bebeg
oh how cute

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Smile and the world smiles with you; cry and you cry alone. That could easily describe the nature of our lives and how to be happy simply requires that we ‘be happy’, attracting more happiness into our lives. One key way of expressing happiness is through smiling. Enjoy the thoughts which follow – they’ll make you smile! Leave a comment for others to enjoy.


Smiles Will Always Brighten Your Day

By Whinston U Sparks

Smiling is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve one’s quality of life. The benefits from smiling reach more than just one person at a time. Smiling is contagious, changes our mood, makes us look younger and more attractive, makes us look more successful and relieves stress.

Smiling is contagious. When you smile, it makes others smile. It is like when you see others smiling it makes you want to smile as well. It just makes you feel good when you see someone smiling at you – even just in your direction and when you smile you are doing the same for others. You are actively passing along a good feeling through your actions and you will draw people towards you by presenting a look of happiness.

Like somewhat stated above, smiling can also change your mood. Seeing other people smile changes your mood because they are presenting a look of happiness. If you are feeling low, you should try smiling even if your feelings on the inside do not reflect it. It has been proven that smiling can trick your body into tricking your mood and can reverse sad or depressed feelings.

Smiling draws people in also because a smile on ones face makes them look more attractive. Smiling also makes people look younger because when you smile it lifts the muscles in the face. In addition, nothing is more appealing to a potential partner then an irresistible smile, so start smiling and spread the love.

Smiling can make you more successful. While this might be hard to believe, it is true. When you walk into work, wearing a smile you will seem more pleasant and outgoing. It has been proven that people who smile more while on the job are less likely to be passed up for promotions. Use this bit of information to enhance the quality of your life and moving ahead in your career. Your next job advancement may just be a smile away.

If you feel stressed at work, home, or just in general try a smile on for size. Smiling first gives you the appearance of not being stressed and second it helps by lowering your blood pressure, boosts your immune system, and releases endorphins that make you feel good and melts the stress away.

It is amazing how such a small act can change so many lives for the better all at once.

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For many people, the pursuit of happiness is a reality – their lives are full of joyful moments. For others, every day seems cloudy and they wait endlessly for a sunny day. This article shows what is possible. Enjoy it. Even better, live it. As always, your comments are welcome.


Happiness – 10 Characteristics of Happy People

By Antionette R Tate

Have you ever noticed how happy people seem to have certain characteristics in common? They seem to smile all of the time and they seem to have positive attitudes. I have listed 10 characteristics of happy people. You should go over this list and see if you share any of the same characteristics. If you do not, then you can use this list as a guide to help you to work towards being a happy person.

1. Avoid Negative People: Have you ever noticed how happy people always seem to flock together? You will not find people who are happy hanging around people who are grumpy, complainers or who are hot headed because they know that negative people will attempt to kill their spirits.

2. Positive Attitude: You can spot a high-spirited person a mile away based on their attitude. A person who is jolly is confident about their abilities, they smile a lot and they always have something nice to say.

3.Have a Plan: The people who are the happiest are the people who have a plan in life. Jubilant people know where they are going in life, they are focused, they have goals and they are living their life with a purpose.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff: People who are cheerful understand that certain things in life they can not change and instead of trying to change what they can not, they concentrate on the things that they can change.

5. Flexible: The happiest people in life are the people who understands that things are not always going to go as planned. When a situation occurs and they have to change their schedule, they do not get all bent out of shape. Instead they go with the flow.

6. See the Good in Everybody: It is a fact that each individual has good traits about themselves as well as bad traits. Happy people have learned to focus on the good traits in others and not the bad ones.

7. Laugh Often: Elated people do not take life so serious, they have learned the art of laughter. You will also find that happy people watch a lot of comedy and enjoy hearing a good joke.

8.Love the Skin That You Are In: Merry individuals love their bodies and they love themselves. People who are happy realize that they cannot truly love others until they first love themselves.

9. Take Time Out For Yourself:The happiest people live a balanced life. They work but they also make sure that they take time out to spend quality time with their family and their friends.

10.Relationship With a Higher Power: It appears that people who are the happiest hold their actions accountable to a Higher Power. Joyful people have a relationship with their Higher Power and they live their lives based on high values and morals.

Antionette Tate M.Div, is an Inner Peace Expert who enjoys helping people to discover how to maintain their Inner Peace and how to live their life full of joy. For more tips, she invites you to visit her blog “Inner Peace and Joy: Tips to Help You Maintain Inner Peace and Joy Daily”

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If you’re interested in loving relationships, you’ll enjoy this. I am frequently searching for videos, news and other useful information which assists people to have more satisfying relationships. Be sure to have a good look at it all. Don’t forget to provide your advice so the rest of us can learn from your opinions:


True Signs He Loves You

Have you noticed any slight changes in your man’s behavior? Does he say things he has never said before? Well, maybe it’s because he loves you!

Men are very action motivated, they don’t express their feelings verbally. They’d rather make you figure it out on your own. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as he tells you how he feels at the right time.

Do you ever get butterflies in your stomach when you think about his new motives? You probably feel the same way about him. I know you’ve heard others say that it takes time for men to love their women. That’s true to an extent. Love doesn’t hold any boundaries, it comes when you least expect it to. This strong emotion normally comes about 1 year of dating. If you’ve been with him for only 5 months, then he’s infatuated with you.

The difference between love and infatuation is that love is a more intense feeling. When you’re infatuated with someone, your feelings are a bit different. He may feel like he loves you, but he only cares deeply for you. When a man really loves a woman, he’ll do anything for her. The main hints he’ll throw are very easy to catch.

1. His body language

If you haven’t noticed his body language, pay more attention to it. He’ll begin to walk with poise and wrap his arms around you. I know men do this when they don’t love a woman, but he’ll do it more often if the feelings are there.

2. His grin

He’ll look at you with a big smile and the look in his eyes will change. The eyes do all the communicating for you. His facial expression won’t go away quickly. Gaze into his eyes and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

3. Hyperness

If he’s the calm type, he’ll become more hyperactive around you. I’ve noticed this in my boyfriend. You’ll see this sign if you look closely. Men aren’t hard to read, you have to take the time to read them.

4. The questions he asks you

This is the first sign you should see! If he started asking a lot of questions about you, he loves you. A man won’t ask a woman questions about her if he didn’t love her. His level of interest in you is increasing and he can’t get enough of you. Doesn’t it feel good to be with a man who loves you? The types of questions he asks aren’t important. What’s important is the topic of his questions.

Bonus Tip: If you really want to get a guy to commit to you, make him love you, or just ask him on a date, there is a free guide for you: => If you seriously want to create a long lasting, loving relationship, please take a free copy of “Get Your Guy”. Inside, you will find insights into the male mind and how to use his psychological makeup to your advantage. Click here to claim your copy today!

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