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Question by thesamri: What’s the difference between loving someone and being in love with them?
I’ve just heard that there’s a diffrence between loving someone and being in love with them. Is there? and if so what’s the diffrence?
Please be elaborate.

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Answer by natedaman
loving someone means you like them very much and care about them. being in love means you have the hots for them and want to be in a serious relationship with them.

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Question by Happy in the Truth: Jehovah’s Witnesses: Was Jonah “insensitive” when he told the Ninevites that Jehovah planned to destroy them?
I have often pointed out the Biblical fact that ONLY members of the truth (that is, Jehovah’s Witnesses) have any scriptural hope of surviving Armageddon and living eternally on paradise earth. From my experience, there are only three others (one brother and two sisters) who speak with the same amount of boldness.

But whenever I mention these glorious truths, some overly-sensitive brothers and sisters tell me that I shouldn’t be talking like that because it might upset the pagans. They make comments like: “who is given eternal life is not up to us to decide” or “we can’t judge the hearts of those in Christendom. “ (Those comments sound just like the explanation of Aaron to Moses about the golden calf.)

But I am NOT judging anyone’s heart. I am simply stating a solid Biblical fact. There is no grey area here. It’s totally black-and-white and all true worshippers of Jehovah should understand this. When Armageddon comes, there will be just two groups of people: (1) those who are in the truth and (2) those who worship/support Satan either knowingly or unknowingly. And yes, that second group includes the Trinitarians. So let’s not beat-around-the-bush about this.

Friends, we are dealing with an urgent life-and-death situation here. People in this world are passing away every day and Ja doesn’t need mousy witnesses who are worried about offending members of Christendom with the bold and bright truths of Jehovah. Why? Because there are many Satan worshippers who have not yet fully understood what they are doing. For example, if I were one of those pagan Trinitarians, I would certainly want a brother or sister from the truth to inform me of my dishonorable worship and explain the severe punishment Jehovah had in store for me. I would respond in the same way that the people did in Jonah 3, verse 5. I would repent right away!

Too often, we tell members of false religions that “only Jehovah knows their heart” and perhaps they will get eternal life if they have a “positive attitude” and just “keep smiling.” But that’s a lie, don’t you think? A person who is destroyed by Jehovah because he had heard (and believed) such a lie will have a serious case for blood-guilt against the one who told him the lie. If we refuse to boldly speak the truth about the future of Christendom, then aren’t we totally blood guilty too?
OK. I guess I need to boil this down quite a bit. When the truth of Jehovah is “difficult” and it makes people “uncomfortable,” should we avoid speaking the truth or dilute it with soft flowery words and euphemisms? Should we tell people that the Ten Commandments are actually the ten “suggestions?” If watering down the truth makes us popular & people-pleasers, is Jehovah pleased that the world loves us so much?
@Escape: My elder is condescending to me. He told me I was “a bit too enthusiastic” when I told a Catholic woman that her St. Joseph statue was (whether she knew it or not) Satanic and pagan. I don’t understand why the woman got offended at me. I mean, it’s not like I added the part about her being destroyed at Armageddon. I WANTED to tell her that part, but being the sensible person that I am, I chose to keep that knowledge to myself. Anyway, when I told her the truth, I did it humbly and meekly. And I explained to her that I was trying to save her life. And she had to nerve to tell me that I was “in a cult” and not to come back to her home any more. Oh well. She won’t be laughing any more when Jehovah destroys her permanently. Then I will be laughing. But at least on-line I can find a few like-minded brothers and sisters her on Y/A.

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Answer by Kevin S
“I have often pointed out the Biblical fact that ONLY members of the truth (that is, Jehovah’s Witnesses)”

I stopped reading right there.

This is bigotry, plain and simple.

If I continue reading, what are the chances you’re going to say anything charitable about non-JWs?

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relationship work
by TimOve

Question by devil’s little boy: Dante: How do long distance relationship work and how you make them safer?
I know the risk and danger of internet dating. I’m just wondering if you like someone from the internet and thing go well how can you make it safe for you and panther? Said couple month or years and everything goes well how you work out long distance relationship? What I mean by long distance relationship i mean from different states.

Best answer:

Answer by babe07
It’s def hard, currently in a year and 3 months online long-distance relationship. I think being smart is key, it takes longer to get to know someone online then it does in person. You need to know the ins and outs of that person before you agree to meet up in person. If you do agree to meet make it in a public place and make sure that if you can’t bring someone with you, you NEED to tell someone (possibly more than one person) where you’re going to be, who your meeting, what time and how long your planning to stay with them. Just use your head when it comes to dating someone you met online. If something doesn’t seem right don’t do it.

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