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What Attracts a Man to a Woman?

Have you ever wondered why particular women seem to attract men like a magnet? What attracts a man to a woman anyway?

You have been around those females who always seem to be the centerpiece for a group of men, and you have no doubt wondered what it is that makes them so attractive to the guys. It looks like men fall head over hills in love with them. Quite often they are not the best looking women in the group, but there just seems to be this hidden”something” which keeps men interested.

Is it self assurance? Confidence? Brains? Perfume? Money? Pheromones?

Truth be known, most likely the woman herself does not know why she attracts the men. She seems oblivious to her influence on the male population and has the ability to be very relaxed and enjoying herself without trying to be seductive or impressive in any way.

The following are qualities that certainly add up to set a woman apart from her peers:

- The ability to be relaxed and “at home in her own skin”, makes a woman appealing to the guys. Certainly most guys like a confident woman who is in control of her life without being showy about it.

- The magnetic women seem to have an extra grace and smoothness to their movements and their walk. They carry themselves regally without being unrelaxed.

- These women look good. That does not mean they are perfect, but they capitalize their assets.

- Alluring women are intelligent. They speak well. They have original ideas and thoughts.

It has been said that all women were born with the power to draw men to them, but many have not figured out how to use that power yet.

Most men will avoid an insecure or needy female right away Most guys seem to want a happy, confident human being for a mate. At the same time, guys tend to avoid over confident women whose self confidence gives silent signals to males that say, “Keep your distance, I do not need a man.”

But, it just seems that there are some women who have more than their share of man attractions. They have that certain aura that transcends any of the aforementioned qualities. Somehow they just stand out, even when surrounded by other beautiful women.

Men are certainly attracted to women that stand out from other women. The woman who stands out from the crowd because she seems to be confident in herself and having a good time, can be sure that there will be some eyes on her.

Is it all really a mystery? There have been some enlightening studies done recently that give women an amazing insight into the attraction factor.

Take a few minutes to read on and you will discover some amazing facts about what attracts a man to a woman. Kyrn can teach you how to use your powers of womanhood.

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