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This inspirational piece on the Jamaican Bobsled team caught my eye, so I thought it would be an interesting read. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time searching for news, articles, and other useful content which aids people to have more uplifting lives. Be sure to have a good look at it all. Don’t forget to add your opinions so we can all appreciate your opinions:


Jamaican Bobsled Team – Winter Olympians With Inspiration

When the two Americans approached and convinced these young men to form a Jamaica bobsled team one cannot help but wonder if they had envisioned the hard work that would be involved. Jamaica is a tropical island and has never seen a speck of snow, but they were strong willed and they started on this new sport.

Today, the team’s appearance in the Olympics and the fame that came with it is still the most fascinating story in sports.

It was just after a few months of practice when this group of amateurs appeared at the 1988 winter games that were held in Calgary. Many persons especially the media were having fun and they viewed this as just a novelty to the game.

This very first run on the track saw them crashing in front of the world, but they showed such as pride when they get up and walked to that finish line. This invoked one of those inspiring moments as there was a thunderous applause from the fans; it was incredible as they were jolted to instant fame and became heroes.

There was even a movie that was made from the team’s experiences and even though the characters were fictional they had original footage of the famous crash. The show was filmed in 1993 and called “Cool Runnings” and was based on the Jamaican bobsled team at their first Olympics. The stars in the show include John Candy, Leon Robinson, Rawle Lewis, Doug E. Doug and Malik Yoba.

Nowadays, when you search online there are many persons with references of the Jamaican bobsled team in all forms, mostly inspirational. There are other countries similar to Jamaica who has started to assembly their own teams with hopes of entering the games.

The good thing from all of this is those strong determined young men who were able to persevere through the years and overcome that first embarrassing moment at the Olympics. It must have been a burden for them to stay focus during what you could call dark periods and move forward to the other games more confident each time.

They too have drawn from this inspiration as much as others as they went on and were successful in their chosen fields.

Harris went on to compete in three more games after that crash in 1988 and you will hear him telling persons today that it helped him to create a successful career. He is now a motivational speaker who is traveling the world and living comfortable from the team’s fame.

One of the other member of that Calgary team is Michael White, he too is has made a success of his life. He works with a retail company and is a senior manager, now living in Long Island.

The other member that joined the team later and was part of the foursome in 1988 is Chris Stokes. He is the brother of Dudley and is now working at Jamaica National Commercial Bank as a manager.

Dudley Stokes, who was the driver on the Calgary mission, is still involved in the sport. He is no longer competing but has been working hard to make the sport a respected and a world class program. He was first an athlete, coach and is now the President of the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation.

There is much to learn when you research how the Jamaica bobsled came about and the struggles that they faced. The team members will tell you that they were hurt from the ridicules and comments after the crash, but they used that as a driving factor to excel. Today, they are talked about with much pride and will always be remembered with respect.

Colin Scott is a Jamaican sports expert. For more information on the Jamaican bobsled team and where to find the perfect Jamaican bobsled costume visit any of the links in this authors bio.

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