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Question by Sassy: How to make my kitten more love able and stop biting and scratching me?
my kitten is about 8 weeks old and all she does is bite and scratch me! You cant pick it up otherwise it will attack me! Please help me to make it more love able and be able to stroke her and pick her up! Help and advise needed..

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Answer by ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥
This is one of the reasons kittens should stay with their mothers till 10-12 weeks old. Your kitten’s mother didn’t have time to teach her manners regarding claws and teeth. When the kitten bites/claws you, screech loudly and walk away. She will learn that clawing and biting get her no attention and she learn not to do it. Get a stick toy with a feather on the end to play with her so your hands don’t get too close. Never let her swat or bite your hands during play. She needs to know your hands aren’t toys. Kittens mostly don’t like being held. If she;s fighting when you pick her up, just stop picking her up. Let her sit beside you instead.

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