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Question by : Does true love exist in reality or is it just a matter of fantasy,imagination and chemical reactions etc?
I always wonder whether true love between opposite sexes exist in reality .If it exists then what is it.

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Answer by typical-girl
After experiencing it first hand i can confidently say it does exist. Although, “love” is not something that can be described, or there is no right or wrong way to look at it. Every couple, every person every single part of “love” or “being in love” is different. They have their own ways of seeing it, of making it spark, of feeling it. It is a beautiful thing, and i only wish one day you will find it. Love will bring a fantasy into your world. Good luck!

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What Men Are Attracted To – Ways to Avoid Making the Wrong Move

Women who are seeking love would want to know what men are attracted to so that they may become one who men will desire. It is unfortunate that not every woman knows what exactly men want and may go about doing things the wrong way, giving men the wrong signals and losing them instead.

Do not make assumptions about men. There is bound to be some information you obtained from the media or friends or books, but they give only one point of view that would usually not apply to all men, and almost definitely not apply to each individual unique male out there.

One common misconception is that sex is the best factor to keep your man by your side. The idea is to fulfil your man’s sexual desires, all of them, and after being satisfied, he will keep coming back for more and stay by your side always. It is unfortunate, but sexual desires are only one factor that makes up a relationship, with many other factors that can easily replace it.

One thing to note is that while men have sexual drives women also have them too. The main difference is that men are more expressive of their desires and their needs to fulfil them while women seem to have better control and thus not display it as openly. It is also unfortunate that men tend to go all out to fulfil their sexual needs while women are mentally taught to wait only until after marriage, thus going against the rules of nature.

Keeping your man satisfied with sex is only one of the many ways to keep him by your side. However, you need to understand that using sex is not the only way and it cannot guarantee you definitely will keep him.

The human mind has the want to be with others, both physically and emotionally. Find what he wants in life, whether it is a confidante, a friend, or a partner, and you might be able to reach deeper into his feelings.

Being connected to others could be in the form of the mind, the spirit and the body. In other words, the ways you could try to keep your man’s attention on you is to be able to understand what he is thinking, know what he needs, and have physical contact with him.

You may want to note the things that he likes to do and how he does it, the things that he needs to eat and drink, and maybe sit by him when he needs more than just moral support. Try to remember what kind of person you were when you two started dating and what was it about you that attracted him. Have you changed since then? Are you able to be the kind of person your man loved back then?

A woman who sincerely wants to be with her man would want to understand and learn about him the best she can. It would take some time and patience, but do try everything and anything. Just because one thing is able to please him does not mean you should depend on it always.

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