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Often we look for a spell or charm that will help us to improve our lot in life. The power of appreciation is an inborn talent that possesses the power to transform our experience and bring far greater joy. This potential, and the power which flows from it, is often overlooked and underdeveloped. As a result, our life is often meager compared to what it could be. Enjoy the magic of the thoughts which follow.


By Lisa Hayes

Appreciation is one of the greatest magic tools we have in our bags of tricks. One of the best ways to gauge where you are at in your development as a wonderful spiritual magician – able to weave magic in and out of your own life, is how well you use appreciation.

Most mere mortals think that appreciation is a spontaneous event or feeling that simply “happens” from time to time. Maybe they recognize it when it comes over them. Maybe they feel lucky. But most of the time, they hardly notice. Appreciation is really a passing thought. By failing to even acknowledge the magic of appreciation mere mortals stay just that, mere mortals.

Move up the ladder, and you have the mortals that have learned the value of appreciation and seek it out. They realize that appreciation is powerful and look for opportunities to cultivate it or bask in its warmth; they kind of chase appreciation around. These more enlightened souls know that everything looks lovelier in the light of appreciation kind of like faces always look more beautiful by candle light.

However, a true master of their own experience knows that appreciation is a magical tool that can be harnessed and directed at will. One can feel appreciation anytime they want by recalling a happy experience and raise their vibration. One can change the feeling in a room of people by bathing the room in appreciation. One can take any situation they want to change or transform and magically turn it around with appreciation.

Anna and her husband were having a lot of problems. They had only been married about a year. What had been a blissful courtship had turned into a cold and bitter marriage in what seemed like record time. The day to day chaos of life had taken Anna by surprise. However, when she finally took stock of what was happening, she knew immediately, as a magician what she needed to do.

Anna went on a full rampage of appreciation for her husband Marcus. She appreciated the heck out of him all the time. She told him about it as often as she could. However, more importantly she thought about all the things she appreciated about him with a dogged obsession.

I was talking to her a few days ago and she broke out a list of things that she appreciated about him that she carried with her everywhere in her purse. Since she had begun her rampage of appreciation three weeks ago, she reported that her marriage was night and day. She felt like the honeymoon was back. Anna was seeing changes in Mark that she didn’t even anticipate and learning new things to appreciate about him everyday.

We are all that magical when we put appreciation to the test. Appreciation used as a tool and not just a random passing feeling can turn your world around and always for the better. Put it to the test for yourself and see what miracles you can conjure up for yourself.

Lisa Hayes is a mind, body, soul, practitioner who views the person as a whole. With meditation for the mind, Yoga for the body, and as an ordained minister, for the soul, Lisa works with women to help them achieve peace and bliss in the chaos of their every day lives.

Lisa is also a partner in an independent technology firm and is a single mother of a teenage boy, so she understands chaos. Chaos is a part of everyday life. It is a part of the contrast of life that makes the zen seem so much more precious. Lisa began the pursuit of the healing arts more than fifteen years ago when she completed her degree in natural health and nutrition. She continued that path as a yoga and meditation instructor before becoming a life coach. She believes that zen is our basic nature. All we have to do is release it. She has dedicated herself to assisting women in finding whatever tools work best for them individually to become their most blissful and beautiful selves. To contact Lisa email her at

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One Response to “The Spell Of Appreciation – Magic Abounds”

  • Penny:

    Is there an actual appreciation spell one could do to bring it more into the light of day in one’s life?

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