Question by Michael K: Will the Republicans learn to appreciate the importance of federal govt from the recent tornadoes and floods?
The recent tragedies that hit the southern states (tornadoes and Mississippi River floods) caused massive damages to homes and businesses. In times like these, we learn that only the federal government has the power and the money to alleviate the suffering of the citizens. Will the Republicans finally stop insulting “big government” and learn to appreciate that it has more of an active role than just defense? It is good to see the Republican state governors standing with Obama and showing appreciation for the federal government’s role.

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Answer by Average College Idiot
Crap. Because the government bails everybody out nowadays people not only don’t buy health insurance, they don’t buy home owners insurance, expecting the government to bail them out instead.

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12 Responses to “Will the Republicans learn to appreciate the importance of federal govt from the recent tornadoes and floods?”

  • Johnny Sokko:


    In light of recent events, PLEEEASE force me to buy health insurance.

  • Antiliber:

    Actually if tyou were down here you would know that it is the outreach of volunteers, churches, and other volunteer organizations that lead the charge.. plus neighbors helping neighbors,, and GET THIS PEOPL HELPING THEMSELVES<<<

  • Thedude27:

    Actually I think quite the opposite has been demostrated in numerous instances. The government response has been slow to come and often inadequate or wastefull (for example in katrina where there were several temporary homes sitting in some lot in Texas and never used).

    The money to “Save” those ppl was taken by the government from them in the first place, had they had that money available locally it would be available more quickly and used more efficiently.

    “I was wondering why Republican Governors are asking for federal aid. I mean, I thought the right was all about reducing the size of government”

    You dont get to take ppl’s money then not provide them the service you took the money to fund. surely even you can understand this.

    lol not one of you can counter this argument. Its ok I’m used to it. Please continue to expouse the efficency of central planning in the face of overwealming contrary evidence. haha

  • pip:

    I was wondering why Republican Governors are asking for federal aid. I mean, I thought the right was all about reducing the size of government, and opting for local aid to take care of community issues (like from churches) instead of relying on the “government”?

    And I didn’t realize the National Guard was a “church” organization, seeing as how they are the most mobilized instant disaster relief system.

  • How would I know:

    We’ve never had a problem with the Federal government’s role in disaster response.

    There’s a huge difference between that and the constant stream of handouts going to people who have had absolutely nothing tragic happen to them.

  • Rick:

    please back up your claim with fact? What federal money? You mean the taxes of others? Isn’t everyone insured? Isn’t it a law to have H/O insurance, car insurance?

    Perhaps if the “big government quit spending trillions it doesn’t have we could spend a few billion at home helping without going in debt.

    But the true reality is the money spent to help is borrowed from China anyways…..

  • Hawkeye:

    No… they will take the Federal aid (translated… “money from the 45 UNAFFECTED states”).

    And in 6 months… the same people that cashed those checks will be complaining about “Federal Debt” and “out of control spending” and how it is those BLUE states that are dragging the nation down.

    Hypocrites…. who can conveniently REMOVE THEMSELVES from their glass houses and cast stones all day.

  • tribeca_belle:

    Republicans operate by the principle that the federal government should help them but shouldn’t help other people, especially not people that they don’t like. Everything else that they may say about the federal government is hypocritical nonsense. So, no, they won’t learn anything until they get past their narrow-minded, short-sighted, selfish views.

  • Uncle Pennybags:

    The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Given that, can you please cite for me which section of the Constitution authorizes the federal gov’t to engage in disaster relief?

    I’m not arguing federal disaster relief is a bad thing. I’d just like to know where in the Constitution it’s authorized.

  • smsmith500:

    I have no problem with disaster relief, I have a problem with liberal government raising the price of gas, food and consumer goods thru “policy” decisions. I have a problem with spending 787 billion dollars on a “stimulus” bill that does nothing. I have a problem with a trillion dollar “health care reform” which is more about government control than it is about real reform.

  • kpk02:

    Being prepared for an emergency that impacts a small fraction of the population is a far cry different than trying to provide everything for everyone on a daily basis. Also.. this is exactly why we want the spending brought under control. With a proper budget, funds can be set aside for emergencies.

    However, government assistance should not replace the need for proper insurance. The only assistance I am thinking of is help with “what do I do now?” type questions, temporary housing while sorting it all out, food/water/clothing, etc. Along with of course rebuilding of infrastructure.

  • wisemancumth:

    Maybe you should start appreciating a 5th grade education. Starting with the U.S. constitution. Like “provide for the common defense” What Republican has a problem with that?

    how is being prepared for an a attack on the country (whether from hurricane, tornado, disease or hostle military) Not ‘defense’ ?

    Liberals- Kings of strawman arguments.

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